Window Etching, Theft Protection

Window Etching, Theft Protection

One of the great ripoffs of the decade is the “window etching” scheme. All it amounts to is some scratches on your window that you get charged anywhere from $150 to $500 or even more. The dealer claims that it is theft protection and “blank insurance” because it will give you an extra $2,500 or so if your car gets stolen.
Window EtchingHowever, you have to look at the fine print. First of all, it only covers you if you have other car insurance that pays you first. Second, if your vehicle is recovered it usually will not pay you anything at all.

But perhaps the worst part of it is that it only costs the dealer about $14-$20. Talk about making a pure profit! One marketing plan distributed by the window etching companies behind the program, tells dealer they can make a profit of over $900,000 a year at the average dealership. No wonder they are anxious to push it into your deal. Also, do you know anyone who ever recovered money from the window etching insurance scheme? Very few ever do. Only a small percentage of motor vehicles actually get stolen and most of them are recovered. The window etching scheme not only makes exorbitant profits for the car dealer, but it is virtually worthless to the average consumer. You probably have a better chance at winning the lottery.

Window Etching is the top car dealer scam you are likely to run into.

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