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Kentucky Used Car Lemon Law Lawyers

Our used car Kentucky lemon law lawyers will help you understand the Federal Lemon Law that covers used cars and what your legal rights are.

Used Car Lemon LawThe Federal Lemon Law Covers Used Cars in Kentucky.
The Federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act was the first “lemon” law ever passed and it can cover your used car in Kentucky and our Kentucky used car Lemon Law lawyers know how to use it. If you get any written warranty at all from your dealer when you get your used car, then this Federal Warranty law protects you too. It requires that the warrantor (usually the selling dealer) repair your used car or truck within a reasonable number of attempts and within a reasonable amount of time. If your vehicle is in the shop too long for warranty repairs, or too many times, then you may be entitled to your money back or a money recover. Contact our Kentucky used car lemon law attorneys today.

Even if you didn’t get a “written warranty” but instead you got an extended warranty or “service contract” (some car dealers call their service contract an “extended warranty”) when you got the used car, then you may still have the same rights and our Kentucky used car lemon law attorneys can help! This federal law applies when you get a “service contract” from the selling dealer at any time up to 90 days after you acquired the vehicle. There is no mileage limit and it doesn’t matter how old the automobile is when you buy it. The only question is, did you get a warranty or a service contract from the dealer? If so, then you may have more legal rights than you think — and a lot more legal rights than the dealer wants to hear about too!

Was Your Car Damaged Before You Bought It and No One Told You About It?
Motor Vehicle Dealers in Kentucky are required by law to be honest with you. Kentucky law can require a car Dealer to fully disclose prior repaired damage before you make the purchase.

When the retail cost was more than $1,000 and the damage occured while the Dealer had the vehicle, the law requires the Dealer to give the Buyer a written statement of the vehicle damage and have the Buyer actually sign the damage disclosure statement.

If you were lied to by a car dealer, or if you just have a lemon, contact us for a free case review. Call or email us today for free Lemon Law help.

Bottom Line: You Probably Have More Legal Rights Than You Know About.
If your used car turns out to be a “lemon”, the odds are that Kentucky has a law that can protect and help you get your money back or a new vehicle. To find out more, contact us.

Recalls Still Have to be Fixed for Free.
Even when your vehicle is out of warranty, if a safety defect recall exists the manufacturer still has to repair it for free. To find our more about Recalls, click here. If they won’t or can't fix it, or if they try to charge you for the repairs, contact us .

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