Louisville Lemon Law

Are you in Louisville, Kentucky and have a lemon car or lemon truck?

Are you looking for a lemon law lawyer to help you get rid of your lemon car or lemon truck in Louisville? You’ve come to the right place.WaterfrontPkDwntLouisville

Do you live in the greater Lexington area and own a lemon? Did you get ripped off by a Central Kentucky or Richmond Lexington Frankfort area Kentucky car dealer?

Whether you got your bad car or truck in Lexington, Richmond, Danville, or  or elsewhere in Kentucky, we can help you get rid of your lemon.

Lexington area car dealers, like many other car dealers in Central Kentucky, have been getting lawsuits filed by our law firm for years over lemon cars, dishonest sales tactics and lemon trucks and other lemon motor vehicles. Our experience and reputation can count in your favor.

Before you let an inexperienced attorney handle your case, ask how long they’ve been helping consumers fight car dealers and manufacturers — don’t trust an amateur with your family’s safety.

We have helped consumers fight car dealers and car manufacturers, over lemon vehicles and sales fraud since 1978 and that’s longer than practically any one else.

If you bought a lemon car or lemon truck or lemon motor home, or if you were ripped off by a local dealer, contact us. Email, fax, or phone us now(888.331.6422) right now. Chances are, we can help you.

If you need serious help from serious Lemon Law and Sales Fraud lawyers, contact us right now. That’s what we are. That’s what we do.

We don’t write wills. We don’t handle accident cases. We don’t take care of criminal cases either. We file claims and lawsuits for consumers against car dealers and car manufacturers over lemon vehicles. Lemon cars. Lemon trucks. Lemon rv’s. Lemon motorcycles. And motor vehicle sales fraud too.  It’s what we do.

Did you get a lemon used car or lemon used truck or were you ripped off by a used car dealer anywhere in the Lexington or Central Kentucky area?

If you bought a lemon car or lemon truck or lemon motor home, or if you were ripped off by a local dealer, contact us. Email, fax, or phone us(888.331.6422) right now. We can help you.

***This website is not related to, affiliated with, sponsored by, or have anything to do with any car dealer, you can go to their web site.  We don’t do any work for any car dealers at all.  That’s our promise to you.
Not all call dealers are bad.  Not all car dealers are good.  But then again we don’t think that all car dealers are completely honest either.  That’s why we’re here.  If you’re a victim of a dishonest or unfair car dealer, we are here to help you get your money back.  Because life is too short ot put up with a lemon car or a lemon truck.  And life is too short to put up with being ripped off by a car dealer too.***
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Contact us to get help with your Lemon!

Email us at Info@burdgelaw.com and tell us your story on what vehicle problems you have been having.

Not sure what all of this means and you want to talk to someone. Call us today.