Kentucky RV Lemon Law

Kentucky RV Lemon Law Attorneys

Got a Lemon RV?  We are here to help you get rid of your lemon RV and get a new one or your money back! We have RV lemon law lawyers RVLemonLawthat are here to help.

The federal RV Lemon Law was designed to protect your rights when your RV turns sour.

Kentucky RV Lemon Law Attorney

If you think you’ve got a lemon RV… then the odds are you probably do and our RV lemon lawyers can help!

Our RV lemon law attorneys have been helping consumers fight RV manufacturers and dealers for over 35 years.

 If you already think you’ve got a lemon RV then contact us now and find out for sure!

Was Your RV Damaged Before You Bought It?

Motor Vehicle Dealers are required by law to be honest with you. Kentucky law can require a Dealer to fully disclose prior repaired damage before you make the purchase.

When the retail cost was more than $1,000 and the damage occurred while the Dealer had the vehicle, the law requires the Dealer to give the Buyer a written statement of the vehicle damage and have the Buyer sign the damage disclosure statement.

If you were lied to by a dealer, or if you just have a lemon, contact us for a free case review.

Not from Kentucky? Find Your State RV Lemon Law Here.

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