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Yes, there is a Lemon Law for watercraft used for consumer purposes in Kentucky. And it applies to all kinds of consumer-use boats, sail boats, power boats, jet skis, and other kinds of consumer water craft, regardless of the watercraft’s selling price. If you’ve got a lemon boat, we have Kentucky boat lemon law lawyers that can help you get a new water craft or your money back.  If you want a new boat or your money back, call or email us today for a free lemon boat case review.

We are Kentucky Boat Lemon Law Lawyers. It’s what we do.

Boat Lemon Law Lawyers in Kentucky

It does not matter what part of the boat may have problems. There are really only three questions to answer:

  1. Was the problem covered by any warranty?
  2. Did you give the them a reasonable chance to fix all the defects?
  3. Did they fail to get everything fixed within a reasonable number of chances or within a reasonable amount of time?

If you said “yes” to these three questions, then you probably have a lemon boat – and you may have the right to get your money back.

If you think you have a bad boat, call or email us today for a free lemon boat case review. You can telephone us toll-free from anywhere in Kentucky – call our Toll Free Lemon Boat Hotline at 1-888-331-6422. Getting rid of lemon boats is what we do.

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